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Trusted partner in revolutionizing  advanced manufacturing

Elevate Manufacturing
with Digital Twins

Welcome to Innoart Technologies, your trusted partner in revolutionizing the advanced manufacturing landscape through cutting-edge IT solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the latest advancements in digital manufacturing, including the game-changing technology of Digital Twins. With a team of highly specialized full-stack engineers and data scientists, we're dedicated to driving tangible value for your organization.

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Data Ingestion and Transformation

Seamlessly collect and integrate data from various sources, ensuring a unified and structured dataset

Data Modelling


Employ advanced modeling techniques to create accurate representations of your manufacturing processes and assets

Data Contextualization using CIFIHOS

Leverage the CIFIHOS standard to provide context and meaning to raw data, facilitating precise analysis and decision-making

Custom Applications for Bottom Line Impact

Innoart Technologies develops tailored applications to address a wide range of use cases, directly impacting your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock hidden potential.
  • Asset Hazard Management
  • Unified Performance Insight Hub 
  • Equipment Integrity Lifecycle Management Systems
  • Shift Transition Excellence System
  • Process Optimization Simulator
  • Yield and throughput analysis
  • Safety and environmental risk assessment
  • Value Capture at process level

Data Analytics Hub: DIY Data Analytics for Citizen Data Scientists

Our revolutionary DIY Data Analytics Hub empowers individuals within your organization to become proficient citizen data scientists. This democratization of data analytics leads to substantial cost savings while unlocking valuable insights
Chemical Plant

Case Study: Chemical Manufacturing Excellence

Innoart Technologies collaborated with one of the world's top 50 chemical manufacturing firms to drive an end-to-end transformation program. From program management to data ingestion, contextualization, application development, and data science, our team delivered exceptional results.

Grow Your Advanced Manufacturing vision with Innoart

At Innoart Technologies, we take pride in our exceptional team of specialized full-stack engineers and data scientists. Their expertise and dedication are the driving force behind our success in delivering high-impact solutions.

Join us in redefining the future of advanced manufacturing. Contact Innoart Technologies today to embark on your journey towards operational excellence and unprecedented value creation.

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