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About Us

Digitalizing the Human Touch 

We are a DATaaS (Data Analytics and Transformation as a Service) Company, with a single mission to enable Enterprises and Smart Cities in their  Digital transformation Journey.


Our best-in-class software engineering teams achieve Hyper-convergence of IIoT, IoT, Data Engineering, Data Science and Analytics in our very own platform for Unified X-analytics, Visualization and Intervention, named iDExTA.

An integrated command and control center, Symphony, represents a novel shift in surveillance and control platforms and is poised to transform the way cities and businesses are monitored and controlled .

We also bring with us "Low Code Platform" that enable agile application Modernization and provides tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omni channel enterprise applications.

We offer wide range of IT services to help organizations respond effectively to the disruption created by the new Normal. Be it a composable ERP system (CERP) or building an agile application for Manufacturing 4.0, our agile engineering  teams are always ready to digitalize the human touch to make this world a better place. 

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Our Story

Innoart  was built in 2012 , on the strong foundation of a culture to promote and sustain Innovation. Our guiding belief is that, when talented  people are valued and empowered they will deliver amazing value. Innovation as much as it is a science is also an art practiced and driven by human ingenuity.

Starting as a Research and development company, Innoart became a preferred delivery Partner for providing Enterprise Architecture solutions and Modernization Services to Top Fortune 500 technology firms. Innoart has developed path breaking tech including payment platforms , integrated Command Control Center and Governance through Big Data, IoT and  Analytics.​  

We love to think that we represent Servant Leadership in a Technology Avatar!

Meet The Team


Jayprakash Srinivasalu

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Jayprakash also known as JP, is the Co Founder of Innoart Technologies and serves as the Managing Director of our firm. Apart from being a music buff and a Cricket Lover he is passionate about innovating and converging Big Data Analytics , IOT and Machine learning in  enabling smart decision support for Government Agencies and Businesses. He brings extensive experience in large-scale operational transformations across industries.

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Murali Bhakta

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Murali is the Cofounder and Director of Innoart Technologies. A movie buff , political observer and a serial Entrepreneur with keen business acumen, Murali has steered large projects to success. He is passionate about Industry 4.0 and is leading IOT driven next gen Innovative software solutioning for large global  manufacturing operations. A hands on practitioner works alongside clients in generating lasting value for Clients across the world.

Inclusion & Diversity

Innoart believes in human ingenuity and a workplace culture that ensures equality for all. We strive to effect an inclusive work environment that attracts talent from diverse backgrounds to foster rich ideation and creativity. Our commitment starts with our leadership team and our managers can be expected to sustain teams where everyone can grow and thrive. Diversity in gender, religion, culture, and ethnicity is actively sought, since we have seen how the confluence of differing mindsets leads to multi-hued wealth creation.

“We are in the business of Digitalizing the human touch .”

Jayprakash Srinivasalu

Managing Director , Co-Founder Innoart

“Innovation is a science and when combined with  the art form of Human ingenuity begets the power to transform people and Organizations .”

Murali Bhaktha 

 Co-Founder Innoart

London City


We  work with our clients to bring about global decarbonization, and bring about rapid adoption of green technologies. Each of our project is envisioned and planned with Sustainability as a basic guiding principle .

Our work is deeply inspired by the Golden Ratio which is Phi, which is a natural design principle that one finds  all across nature  We believe that if we follow natural design principles , it not only yields high functionality but also is Sustainable . 

People Culture Happiness
pursue the Innoartians

Innoart is a firm believer that if  employees are happy , customers will be happy . The work environment  and the unnbossed style helps every employee to push the boundaries of creativity thereby spurring innovation that not only is a product of mind but also of the heart . As a consequence fame wealth and happiness  pursue the employees  who works at Innoart . If you feel the same way , mail you resume to :


We promise you a fulfilling career 

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The Seals of the Digital World

Reduce assumptions and validate ideas with our Innovation driven passionate Engineers. Let our special operations force engage with your problems , conduct reconnaissance missions , draw out the mission plan and accomplish the mission with best in class tech  

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