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Welcome to the CERP
Composable ERP

CERP is  an adaptive technology strategy that enables the foundational administrative and operational digital capabilities required for an enterprise to keep up with the fast paced disruptions created by the new normal.

What your company needs is Smart Teams. A newer way of working.

CERP  in action

1 Drives agility and flexibility into business strategies through a technology approach that integrates multiple applications and platforms

2     Replace and Integrate the latest applications that business needs whether they are offered by your strategic  ERP vendor or not

3    Continuously deliver incremental business value along the ERP road map. Compose and recompose ERP  in a Modular mode


Applications are provided with open architectures and technologies to increase interoperability. Modern applications built on the CERP have mini - micro services architecture and has increased integrability by adopting architectures built for initiating web services and mediating API's

Multi Suite

You are free to deploy any combination of suites , point solutions and services to meet the needs and face the disruption that market forces have created on your respective functions

Multi Cloud & Recompose

Integrate multiple clouds to deliver end to end processes with disparate vendors, with the best in class security. As the business changes and new applications are required, the applications are recomposed to deliver new capabilities

CERP is not a singular business application

Update your integration analytics and Master data strategies


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Look Beyond the Conventional. Welcome to the CERP Way

01 Asset Management


  • Zero Downtime by Advanced Analytics

  • Integrate Asset Sensors data with maintenance Processes

  • Get Real Time Intelligence & Visibility

02 Finance 

  • Subscription and usage based collection models

  • Intelligent receivable Matching

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

  • Effective Invoice Matching

  • Multisided Partner revenue models

03 Manufacturing 

  • Harmonized  data analytics
    Automated data collection

  • Defect tracking and resolution

  • Reduce manufacturing cycle time by quickly adapting production schedules to current plant conditions

04 Sales & Marketing


  • Know your customer from first contact to purchase and beyond​

  • Unified experience for the customer across marketing, sales & service​

  • Digital marketing & transformation​

  • Keep CRM simple, don’t take more than that can be handled​

  • Built CRM that is easy to understand & which will increase employee usage

05 Sourcing & Procurement 

  • Enable Powerful search and reporting

  • Electronic signature management

  • Supplier management and collaboration

  • Spend Analysis 

  • Access to Supplier Diversity

06 Service


  • Provide seamless service experience

  • Cut Resolution Times

  • Increase customer service profitability with intelligent technologies

07 Automate Work Force & Nurture Talent

  • Employee Experience Management

  • Core HR & Payroll

  • Talent Management

  • HR Analytics & Workforce Planning

08 Supply Chain

  • Provide seamless service experience

  • Cut Resolution Times

  • Increase customer service profitability with intelligent technologies

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