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The difference between success and failure is a Great Team.


Here's how to inspire yours. Switch to the SMART TEAM  Human Capital Solution.

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Empower your HR Team with SMART TEAM  & give your business the boost it needs

SMART TEAM equips them with the right tools to do the job:

  1.   Reduce the recruitment cycle time by 50%​​​​

  2.   Hire the best, with Talent Pool Management features

  3.   ​View and act on 100 Different Human Capital KPI's which can accelerate    the Performance of the HR organization


A study commissioned by federal agencies concluded that the most effective teams evolved not from the individual attributes of their members, or even the coaching they got from their leaders, but the interactions within the team itself.

SMART TEAM Human Capital solution is designed to allow seamless data flow within Stakeholders to facilitate quality teamwork.

You have the best people, lets get you the best teams !




Years Experience



Know More. Do More.

We sync our expertise with your current organisational needs. Here's how our tailored solutions fit into your business.

1. Recruitment Management - Hire the Best!


A recruiter is considered to be really good if ~60% of their hires are successful.

This means that a really good recruiter makes a hiring mistake 40% of the time.

Forty percent!

Imagine if a doctor made a mistake 40% of the time. Or a pilot made an error 40% of the time.


Hiring bad people can be just as fatal for an organization. So what's the Solution?

Its time to free up the recruitment team's mindshare from mundane routine administrative work to high quality thinking, collaboration, and decision making. Switch to SMART TEAM and let your recruiter work wonders in terms of hiring the best Talent.

  • Use the Job fitment rating tool to scan through multitude of resumes and drill down to the right Candidate.

  • Reduce wasteful hours setting up schedules and interviews, let the candidate management feature allow you to focus on interacting and selecting the right person fit for the job.

  • Closing and acceptance of the offer is often the most tricky part of the hiring process and can end in rejections. Use our Offer Management feature to bring in transparency and effectiveness in the closing process.

2. Human Capital Analytics - Retain the Best.

Employee experience (EX) is not far from customer experience (CX).

An excellent EX attracts top employees and increases employee engagement, commitment, and productivity. Improving the EX is a top priority for employers. However, few have developed an EX strategy that tackles all of the challenges of working in a post-pandemic world.

92% of companies say they will prioritize EX enhancements over the next three years in an effort to prevent further resignations. This figure is up from 52% before the pandemic.

So what's the solution?

Empower your HR team with tools and technology that will help them efficiently manage the Onboarding to Post-Resignation processes with ease and finesse.

Every tool and feature of  the SMART TEAM application is oriented to set your employees up for long-term success:

  • Utilize employee surveys to uncover possible areas of improvement.

  • Use the tools to foster good company culture. You’ll have happier employees – and this, in turn, leads to more successful business


3. Performance Management - Nurture the Best!


Done well, three key practices of effective performance management can unlock positive outcomes for employees and the business:

  1. Effective Coaching by Managers

  2. Goals Linked to Business Priorities

  3. Differentiated compensation 


How do we achieve a great Performance management system ?

Switch to SMART TEAM and enable your HR to keep your talent engine primed and ready:

  • Use the cost performance view to observe how allocated budgets are consumed and where value is earned

  • ​Track goals across all business functions and action quickly on areas needing your immediate attention​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Compare resource capacity against timelines and stay on top of all milestones while delivering to customers​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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