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DevOps Engineer

WFH, Chennai, Hyderabad

Job Code



Minimum 3 Years


No of Positions: 02

  • Build, test, deploy & monitor IT hardware and software by automation and ensure that the systems availability, security and performance are adherent to SLAs for various projects in a rapidly changing IT environment

  • Use required tools, technologies & services to create, maintain, and upgrade IT systems for secure, scalable, reliable, high performing applications and platforms in cloud and on-premise servers

  • Use required tools and services for collaboration, issue tracking, cloud/IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, CI/CD/CT, package managers, source control, release orchestration, monitoring and analytics

  • Setup, test & maintain continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines

  • Setup, test & maintain data observability pipelines

  • Create & maintain IT infrastructure as code

  • Enable data management: governance, regulatory compliance & privacy, disaster recovery, backup, master-slave setup. etc

  • Enable SIEM & UEBA in our platform

  • Enable ISO27001, PCI-DSS certifications of IT systems

  • Maintain semantic version control of source, software’s & resources

  • Manage software licensing, upgrades and vulnerabilities

  • Automate code review using tools like Sonar Cube

  • Maintain updates for new product releases

  • Work with cross-functional teams to ensure system quality

  • Manage project priorities, deadlines and deliverables

  • Versatile and be enthusiastic to take on new problems across the tech stack

Technical Skills:

  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes using: KOPS, Kubespray, Kubeadm & Multi-cluster Kubernetes management using: Rancher or similar

  • Kubernetes Cluster Management - Automated provisioning system, fully automated installation, Self-healing, High-Availability, Service discovery & load balancing and Application upgrades & rollbacks

  • Kubernetes workloads, networking, APIs, security policies, certificates, metrics, logs etc

  • Containerization: Predominantly Docker, Knowledge on CRI-O, containerd is a plus

  • Popular Linux distributions based desktop and server environment administration and shell scripting

  • Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Git, Ansible, Terraform, npm, Maven, Helm Charts

  • Observability tools: Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, APM, Sentry, Nagios

  • AWS or Azure Certification in any above mentioned specializations is a plus

Soft Skills:

  • Creative and research oriented

  • Outcome driven

  • Resilient and ability to learn evolving technologies required for this job description

  • Problem solving skills

  • Working proficiency in verbal and written English


B.E. in C.S. or a related field and minimum 3 years experience in the following:

  • Experience in deploying AWS cloud services like EMR, S3, Redshift, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, SNS, SQS, Glue, Athena, Code Deploy, Code Pipeline etc

  • Experience in migrating and implementation of applications from on-premise to cloud using AWS or Azure web services

  • Experience in deploying and maintaining Big data technologies in Apache Software Foundation

  • Experience in Enterprise Kubernetes management using Rancher, AWS EKS, GKE, AKS

  • Experience in managing Stateful and Stateless applications

  • Experience in setting up test, staging and production environments involving multiple technology stack’s

  • Experience in deploying different system architectures: Distributed, Centralized & Federated

  • Experience in setting up hybrid environment - private data center and public cloud endpoints to deliver hybrid clusters

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