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Digitalize the human touch

Leverage the converging world of IIoT, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Intervention, Data Governance, Security & Privacy  

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Unveiling the Dual Facets of Digital Transformation: Digitization and Digitalization

In the heart of our Digital Transformation narrative lie two integral components: Digitization and Digitalization. These terms might seem similar at first, but they hold distinct roles in the evolution of any enterprise.

We unleash the power of your greatest asset : data 

Be it any vertical or domain, we bring our team skilled in creative analysis and ordered reasoning along with the latest tools, technologies, and best practices to assist you in transforming the way you govern your City or your Enterprise to be Resilient

Smart & Secure Supercity

Innoart's IOT suite  platform, can help bring together data of all types from  various disparate Federal agencies and departments, together in one platform to perform analytics and unlock the value of machine learning models to prescribe future course of actions to help build a resilient  Smart and Secure Super City

Enterprise Digital Transformation

CERP: Innoart's composable ERP is helping organizations unlock the value of their data and build a competitive Edge. CERP is an adaptive technology strategy and the best way to handle disruptions which is the new normal now

Advanced Manufacturing

From product development to supply chain risk mitigation, data analytics backed with real-time data from IoT devices can help manufacturers in all aspects of their business. Innoarts ITwin Platform can conduct real-time big data analysis on data streaming from Industry 4.0 devices

Data-driven Edutech

The learnED platform from Innoart can help educational institutions to connect to all the Siloed data in  learning and management systems, examination results, courses’ evaluation and any other types of data and provide the capability to the University to create interventions to reduce dropout rates and enhance the learning and achievement gaps

Smart Decision Making through High-performance Engines

Integrated Command and Control Center

Our proprietary IOT suite and Intelligent  Data Exchange transformation and Analytics Platform can assist you in setting up Best in Class Command and control Center where Data of complex nature are processed at a comprehensive level and enables you to seamlessly Monitor, Control and Command. Our approach represents a novel shift in surveillance and control platforms . Innoart promises to transform how cities and businesses are governed

Revolutionizing Digital Transformation with 
Platform X

Innoart's Proprietary Platform brings a revolutionary change in the way we can accelerate the Digital Transformation Journey within an organization. Its a platform where the technology and business leaders can converge. It enables the transformative CIO to drive the business agenda and deliver capabilities across the enterprise to help cut costs, improve revenues and increase overall competitiveness 

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business ?

Market beaters have embraced the Growth PASS:

  • Precision

  • Agility

  • Speed

  • Scale

Growth is a new game shaped by rising consumer expectations, increasing competition, and digital disruption.

Today’s winners are those that can spot opportunities at hyper-granular levels and then capture them quickly. Capture Data !

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