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Transforming Cities through Data-Driven Excellence

Empowering Smart Cities through Digital Transformation at Scale

Welcome to Innoart Technologies, your partner in accelerating the smart city initiative through cutting-edge digital transformation solutions. With our innovative platform and expert services, we're here to revolutionize the way cities operate and interact with their citizens.

Our Approach 

Integrated Command and Control Center

Leverage the power of Innoart's platform X to create an Integrated Command and Control Center, a central hub that integrates various components for seamless city management. Our platform comprises:

  • Business Hub: Streamline operations and decision-making processes with a centralized business management system.

  • Integration Hub: Connect disparate systems and applications for real-time data flow and interoperability.

  • Data Hub: Harness the potential of big data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

  • Visualization Hub: Transform complex data into intuitive visuals for better analysis and understanding.

  • Analytics Hub: Implement advanced analytics to drive data-driven strategies and optimize city operations.

  • IoT Device Management Hub: Efficiently manage IoT devices for improved connectivity and control.

Use Cases


Predictive policing, Real-time crime mapping Gunshot detection, Smart surveillance, Emergency response optimization,Body-worn cameras Disaster early-warning systems Personal alert applications

Economic development and housing

Digital business, licensing and permitting, Digital business tax filing, Online retraining programs, Personalized education Local e-career centers, Digital land-use and building permitting, Open cadastral database, Peer-to-peer accommodation platforms.


Telemedicine, Remote patient monitoring, Lifestyle wearables, First aid alerts, Real-time air quality information, Infectious disease surveillance, Data-based public health interventions: Maternal and child health


Building automation systems, Home energy automation systems, Home energy consumption tracking, Smart streetlights, Dynamic electricity pricing, Distribution automation systems


Water consumption tracking, Leakage detection and control Smart irrigation, Water quality monitoring


Digital tracking and payment for waste disposal, Optimization of waste collection routes

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