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The Intelligent Data Exchange, Transformation and Analytics Platform

We know scaling and accelerating Digital Transformation within the organization presents acute challenges, and our experience in tackling these challenges inspired our product suite — a Data Exchange which can generate Intelligent and real-time decision support at any level within your organization on a single stable platform.

How Innoway works 

Data that you wish to bring in from any number of parties, can be pulled in and fed to the distributed transformation cores within Innoway.

Innoway lets you fast-track the ingestion, processing, and transformation of this data and further pipeline it into the requisite Analytics and Machine Learning models ​

Innoway then helps with generating insight-driven Visualization models which makes it way easier for the last-mile decision maker to assess and take a call on critical decisions.


Innoway is a configurable Low Code platform which facilitates Digital Services and Operations faster.

Its a platform where business leaders can bring together all the right data sources, stakeholders, and processes in creating and enabling vibrant business ecosystems​ to drive Growth.


The 5 Pillars of
Innoway engineering


Accelerate your Digital Transformation journey

Possibilities through Innoway


We can help you build a giant network of inter- connected devices that has unlimited potential. We provide you our intelligent managed service that connects devices and gathers real-time data from various sensors and sets the rules for data aggregation.


We provide you our video wall and surveillance hub that facilitates better quality of life, enhances safety and deters crime. You will have access to a city-wide video surveillance system that will help you observe and monitor traffic and improve public transportation.

We provide our intelligent managed service as a social media hub that will facilitate participatory neighborhood governance and city planning by enabling real-time analysis of city life by using the data shared by users on networking sites.

sentiment analysis 1.PNG

Our Alert Management Hub will provide you a secure managed service that gives you real-time alerts and emergency notifications which will help you in handling operation anomalies and address the various risks, concerns, threats and breaches in the system.

alert management.PNG

UDATE value proposition for enterprises

SLA management.PNG

We provide you our SLA Management Hub that that aids in the proactive monitoring, enforcement and the SLA life-cycle management of the Service Level Agreements made with regard to IoT applications. The SLA Management hub spots irregularities and minimizes SLA violations.

rules engine.PNG

Our Rule Engine Hub is a secure and scalable managed service that plays a pivotal role in and modelling intricate logic in a simplified manner. Not only that, it also helps you in cases where the logic needs adjustment every now and then.

Our SOP Management Hub enables the communication between IoT applications and their attached devices by ensuring actionable guidance and standard procedures on IoT governance in order to enhance the efficiency and the quality of life in smart cities.

SOP Management Hub.png

Our Task Management Hub acts as an intelligent platform  helps you to remotely access and coordinate tasks in a secure manner. Our Task Management Hub takes care of IoT data integrity while performing actions like service to task deployment, task scheduling and task allocation.


Our Asset Management Hub helps you in understanding citizens’ needs by collecting data displayed in asset and location meters and thus aiding in optimizing logistics and citizens’ experiences. Our hub helps you experience reduced public liabilities and improved public services based on citizens’ actual needs.

business master .png

The Business Master Hub is a platform that simplifies complex business workflows, minimizes business disruptions, enhances business continuity and fosters business intelligence and analytics.  Our intelligent hub helps you in real-time process tracking, transit tracking and remote product performance monitoring.

Key Differentiators in Innoway  

Clustered and containerized architecture
Low-code easy integration 
Data pipelines 
Real time big data streaming
Entity based information model 
Cross domain rules and event processing 
Cutting-edge open source software

Our Partners & Clients

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